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Let capitalism work

February 11, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


To those small to mid-size businesses that have taken out a second government loan or grant for the small factory, would you like to have the ability to take out a loan if you're unable to cover unexpected costs or maybe for that first bad year your business experienced?

Well, that's what's happening with our wind farms. They are applying for and getting government money for the wind farms that have been running for awhile.

I became curious about the wind farms when I saw the rise and fall of the Solyndra Solar Company in the news. I wondered what the wind farms are getting or are eligible for.

Congress had recently doled out money hand-over-fist to these wind farm projects in this tri-state (West Virginia, Maryland and Virginia). It is through the U.S. Treasury grants, section 1603. Those to receive funding are Constellation Wind Project out of Garrett, Md., for close to $40 million; Roth Rock Wind out of Garrett, Md., $32 million; Beechridge Wind Project in Greenbrier County, $68 million. And I'm not done yet. Applying for loans are as follows: Edison Mission - Mission Pinnacle Rock for $40 million and AES Laurel Mountain is applying for $80 million of tax payers' money.

Where did I get this from? The U.S. Treasury Grants at When you apply for a business loan from the government and succeed in your efforts to go into business, great. If you don't, do you think the government is going to continue to fund you till you get it right? Eighty million dollars to fund the power for 14,000 homes on the East Coast.

Let's break this down. Just over $570,000 per household. You know when the price goes up for electricity, the power companies raise our rates. Can't wind farms do the same on the East Coast? Or maybe a politician or two is reaping the benefits on the federal, state or county level.

President Obama certainly made sure that the boys of Solyndra got their share. According to a recent article in The Inter-Mountain, John Arosem, general manager for AES, stated that $1.5 million to $2 million will be invested in the community. Where is this coming from and over what period of time? Heck, where is it now? And why do they need a grant if they're making money from these wind turbines?

I would like to see what has been collected from AES in taxes from area counties that have these propellers. And if they need money, what are they paying their taxes with? Some in Congress and some folks like myself feel that is damaging to the environment as well as our bank accounts.

As a friend of mine said to me, "Have our lives improved here because of this windy welfare program? Have wind turbines stopped a coal-fired plant? Or reduced mountain top removal?" By the way, in case nobody noticed they had to remove some mountain tops to get those birds up there.

Where's the Sierra Club when you need them? If you have an interest in putting a halt to this damage that is being done from you backyard, to your bank account, please sign up to stop the status of the funding to wind farms. Sign on at

If AES can't run their business to succeed, why should we fund a business that is not financially making it? Wouldn't $80 million be better spent in finding other ways to power America? Better yet, get the economy back on its feet.

Clark Martin




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