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The attempt to change

March 31, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


Recently on an area Clarksburg TV station, an Elkins area resident expressed his concern for the lack of effort on the part of the state to clean up the trash and do a better job recycling. When tackling a problem such as this, there are two ways of doing it. Law enforcement or changing a person's mindset.

The Randolph County Solid Waste Authority has been trying to do just that, change a person's mind set. We are doing this first through recycling. With the assistance of area fire departments and Davis & Elkins College, we have had electronic pickups for those who want to dispose of their TVs, toasters, microwaves and such. Another gentleman and an organization he heads up, Steve Kerns and the Tygart Valley Youth Group, have been making pickups of electronic items as well.

Last year, along with the DEP, there were three separate occasions that you could dispose of your tires in the county. There are locations within the county at which an individual also can recycle their cans, paper, glass and plastics. These locations are Randolph County Recycling and Tygart Valley Sanitation, as well as Mr. Kerns and his group.

You've heard the old saying of "Leading a horse to water?" We are doing what we can to do just that. But, we can only do so much.

Law enforcement is the second option. There are current laws on the books mandating that if the areas which can be deemed unsanitary and unsafe are not cleaned up in a set time period the property owner can be fined.

There also is a mandatory trash pickup law that requires all, from the municipalities to those in the country, to have service with an area sanitation company or be able to supply information to law enforcement of how they dispose of their waste.

Burning is not an option. This too, is against the law.

We are currently working with the Randolph County Commission and the county prosecutor on how we can best enforce these laws. The Randolph County Solid Waste Authority strongly encourages recycling, and we ask that those who do not have trash service to please get it. If you are caught by law enforcement, it may cost you more than just the price of a monthly trash pickup. With this, we can all guarantee a cleaner county and a cleaner state.

Clark Martin

chairman, Randolph County Solid Waste Authority



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