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Special texting spots a waste of money

April 21, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


This letter is about the "special" spots for receiving cell phone calls or texting the Elkins City Council has discussed.

In one of the letters written to the editor on the special spots needed, he stated the City Council has moved into the 21st century. The writer condemned the use of the city money toward making these special spots because there are several spots in the city already to pull over and receive a call or text. The City Council may be moving into the 21st century as he stated, but their ideas are 20th century. The writer also is thinking in the 20th century. He should have done some homework and found out there are several electronic devices that are used to make and receive cell phone calls hands-free.

One that my wife and I have used for several years in called MyBlueToothMirror. You can go online to get a lot information on it, including the fair price. The mirror clips over you regular mirror, you plug it into the car (cigarette lighter) and on the bottom of the mirror for continual charge. Make sure your cell phone is set to receive Bluetooth devices. Once you have been connected by Bluetooth, you remain connected until you turn off the device.

To place a call, simply touch the blue button on the face of the mirror. A voice will ask what is your command. You say, "call." It asks you for a name or number. You say a name in your addresses. It will ask you for verification. You say, "yes." It dials the phone number.

You say three words to connect to your party while watching the road with both hands on the wheel. You talk hands-free. When the other party hangs up, it disconnects.

The device also has a detachable ear piece if you prefer no one in the vehicle hears what the other person is saying.

Texting by a driver should never happen. Fines should be increased for this offense. Hawaii has had stiff fines for talking or testing on cell phones.

City Council, nice try, but save your money on placing special spots and make a stiffer city ordinance on the use of cell phones. This way you make money, not spend it.

Bill Nelson




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