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Veterans bill needs support from Manchin

April 21, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


There are three bills, HR 2070, SR18 and HR 2848, that need your support.

The first, HR2070, would add Franklin Delano Roosevelt's D-Day Prayer to the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. The second, SR18 would allow prayer at public school board meetings, and the third, HR2848, is the Veterans Religious Freedom Act.

The same Democratic Senator, Al Franken, who is pushing for mandatory pro-homosexual lectures to public school children in all 50 states is one of the senators blocking the federal bill to add Roosevelt's prayer to the WWII memorial, but he's not alone. Along with Franken's partner, openly homosexual Congressman Jared Polis, there are 26 others, both Republicans and Democrats in opposition.

After HR2070 passed overwhelmingly by a vote of 386-26, it was assigned to the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, where it now sits on the shelf. Even though WWII veterans overwhelmingly support HR2070, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee has blocked the bill for more than two months. There are 22 senators blocking this bill.

Among them is West Virginia's own Sen. Joe Manchin. How many times have you heard Manchin claim he supports our veterans? President Obama also expressed his opposition to the bill.

Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, said, "President Roosevelt's prayer gave solace, comfort and strength to our nation and our brave warriors as we fought against tyranny and oppression." And he's right. It didn't take Manchin long to go over to the dark side in Washington, and it's time to send him a clear message that West Virginians will not tolerate his association with the likes of Al Franken.

Contact Sen. Manchin at 202-225-3121 and tell him to get behind our men and women who served our great nation. If you're a veteran, make it known when you call. West Virginia has one of the highest number of veterans per capita. Honor them by showing your support. Send Manchin a clear message and make him live up to his promise to support our veterans.

Randy Brooks




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