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Tee Time

Mike Rogers’ Tee Time Tips

May 22, 2012
John Wickline , The Inter-Mountain

Often times when I work with students on their short game - namely chipping - the player has no idea how hard they need to hit the shot to get the ball close to the hole. They either hit it way too hard or way too easy. Either way, they get frustrated with their game and cost themselves way too many shots that inflate the score for the day way too high.

When I get the student to the practice area, I begin letting the student use the club they generally use around the green for a chip shot. Doing this will allow the student to feel somewhat comfortable with the task at hand, and then I have them chip a couple of balls as normal.

The next step in the lesson is to have the student take a golf ball in hand and stand as though they were going to toss the ball underhanded to the hole. In doing this, the player must figure out where on the green they would need to land the ball to let the ball end up near the hole. This will give them a feel for the shot that needs to be hit. If the player is using a high-lofted club (i.e. a 56-degree wedge), they will need to toss the ball with some loft to get the feel.

If the player is using a lower lofted iron (i.e. a 9-iron), then they will need to toss the ball with a lower trajectory to simulate the trajectory the ball will take coming off a lower lofted club. Also, by doing this toss the player will get the feel of the length of the swing and the firmness that the swing will need to be to get the results that the player wants.

Today's Tee Time Tip: Picture an underhand toss to improve your chips around the green. The results will amaze you, and your scores will fall quickly.



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