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One elitist’s opinion

June 30, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


After reading the op-ed from Walter E. Williams on June 6 I felt compelled to write.

What a bunch of hooey that piece of garbage was. It makes me wonder, what ever happened to the well-to-do in America? There was a time in America when the rich were looked up to, not only for their wealth, but they were also respected for being pillars of their community. They were business leaders and philanthropists, and always acted like perfect ladies and gentlemen.

They weren't writting op-eds complaining about how unfair it is for them to have to pay taxes, when, as Williams complained, 50 percent of Americans don't pay any federal income tax. Well, genius, 50 percent of Americans don't pay any federal income tax because 50 percent of Americans are poor people. What do you want them to pay taxes with?

Included in that 50 percent number are students, disabled Americans, and seniors who have already paid their fair share. It is very misleading for them to always bring up this 50 percent argument as if poor people pay nothing, and the rich pay it all. As anyone who earns a paycheck knows, the Social Security Administration takes a cut of their earnings, as does Medicare. There is no refund check coming from them at tax time, so the rich don't pay for the poor's Social Security or Medicare anyway, do they? As a matter of fact, the Social Security Administration stops taking out Social Security taxes after you earn $106,800 anyway, so the "rich" don't pay any more than most middle class Americans.

Most people make a no-interest loan to their country each year by paying taxes that they will later get a refund for because of their choices on their W-2. I pay into Social Security and Medicare out of every check I earn, and all I ask in return, is that the money is going to be there when I retire, which is highly doubtful.

I would imagine that any one of those 50 percent of Americans that pay no federal income tax would gladly trade places with any rich person. Heck, I would gladly trade my little paycheck for your huge one, and I would feel honored to pay my fair share of income tax for the good of my country. I wonder if the rich know that all their complaining about how bad they have it just serves to make them look even more greedy, childish and self-centered than they already do?

The top tax rate under Richard M. Nixon was 70 percent, and the rich back then seemed to do just fine. It is now around 30 percent and they cry like greedy little children. This is the American system; if you don't like it, you can always leave.

James F. Gilbert




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