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A concerning decision

July 21, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


The U.S. government and local governments may soon be posting signs on public buildings like: "God not welcome," or "God stay out, we no longer need you, we are doing fine without your help." Think I am kidding? I am not.

In Henrico County, Va., the board of supervisor meeting decided to not allow pastors to pray over their meetings because they used Jesus' name. This is thanks to local Muslims who found offense with their prayer, probably because they were seeking a discussion on building a Mosque in their area.

All it took was one phone call, one complaint and the simple prayer that had been going on for sometime was now in the history books.

It is happening all over the nation and the world. What happened to freedom of religion? It is now freedom from religion, unless it is a religion you approve of. Not in the too distant future, Islamic influence will begin to take hold with Sharia Law right behind it. Think it is a good thing? Think again.

Christianity was the founding of this nation. These facts are well known and recorded, even on the walls of Congress and dedicated symbols throughout our land, especially in Washington, D.C. This should be alarming to all Americans because one freedom lost means others are surely to follow. Even if you're not a Christian you should be concerned.

David R. Martin




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