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GOP?standards for one, not applicable for all

August 25, 2012
The Inter-Mountain


Let me see if I have this right, George Romney, Mitt's father, was born on a polygamist compound in Mexico. So, how could he run for president in 1968 if he was born in Mexico?

Well, he argued that as long as one of your parents were natural-born citizens, then so are you. So, by the GOP standard set by George Romney, Mitt's father, even if you ignore the fact that President Obama has a legal Hawaiian birth certificate, he is still eligible to be president by the standards set by the GOP. Secondly, George Romney, Mitt's father, started the practice of having presidential candidates release multiple years worth of tax returns, so, as he argued in 1968, the American people could see exactly who they were electing to this nation's highest office.

Now, Mitt Romney is refusing to release more than just two years worth of returns, while Obama released 20. So, I ask you, what is Mitt hiding? The fact that the GOP talking heads, who haven't seen Mitt's tax returns, are calling Harry Reid a liar, for saying the Mitt didn't pay any taxes for 10 years, but John McCain, who saw Mitt's returns, is not calling Harry a liar, is very telling. Third, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, the kill Medicare guy, are saying that no one 55 or older will be affected by their plan to dismantle Medicare. But that is this year, an election year. What about next year, when they are not concerned about your votes?

I am under 55, so I don't count? They are going to take Medicare away from me, and everyone 54 and younger. I worked hard my whole life, but because I am not 55 right now, I don't matter?

Lastly, I hear Mitt and Paul saying Obama stole $700 billion from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. Well if that is true, then why is that same $700 billion cut, that they are so against, in Paul Ryan's budget? Hypocrisy? You tell me.

The $700 billion cut isn't a cut to the Medicare recipients, it is a cut to the insurance providers who routinely overcharge, double charge and otherwise rip off the system. So, Obama is saving us $700 billion in waste and fraud, and the GOP is against it?

James Gilbert




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