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Struggles continue for Elmo

October 4, 2012
Dr. Elmo

I don't know if I should hang my head in shame or simply just hang myself. But what ever the case may be, it looks like this old quack is hooked on the number eight. The week before last I went 8-4, so I thought I just might pull one over on everyone and take 13 games instead of twelve last week. But as is the norm, it backfired on me and I still ended up with only eight correct selections.

Man is my face red after I took Buckhannon-Upshur to upset Lewis County. And let's not forget, I also took Philip Barbour to defeat Petersburg.

To be truthful, I know I can't feel any worse than Elkins who lost its first game of the season to a strong Bridgeport team.

And we can't forget Tygarts Valley, who just can't seem to get a break. But this is what happens when you make picks with your heart and not your brain.

It's hard to believe that we are approaching week seven of the season. I have to agree with the old cliche that time sure flies when your having fun.

After viewing this week's menu, I have to wonder why I ever got into this business. Even though it's a dirty job, somebody's got to do it. But why does it always have to be me?

Enough about the past, let's get on with this week's menu.

PHILIP BARBOUR (3-3) at ELKINS (5-1): Neither of these teams seemed to be able to get it together last week, which made them appear on my "goofed list." This one on paper would normally show the Tigers in a run away, but this is the big Forest Festival game on a Thursday night and anything can happen. Regardless, we here at the Rusty Needle are taking Elkins to win by 24 points.

B-U (1-5) at HAMPSHIRE: The Bucs will travel down to Apple Country and as they say, "an apple a day will keep the doctor away." But not Dr. Elmo, who sees it as a 14-point Hampshire win. NORTH MARION (0-6) at LEWIS COUNTY (4-2): I was way off center last week concerning Lewis County and I'm not gonna chance it again. So to protect the good name of Dr. Elmo, I take Lewis County by 20 in Weston.

PETERSBURG (4-1) at SOUTHERN (1-4): The Southern Rams won this game last year and the doctor sees it as pay back time. Petersburg to take it by 14.

TYGARTS VALLEY (0-5) at RICHWOOD (2-4): For weeks I've tried to get the Bulldogs that first win, but it just seems like everything is going against them. I'm here to tell you that I'm not against them, but as the gambler would say "you gotta call a spade a spade" so I have to go with Richwood to win by 13.

EAST HARDY (5-0) at TUCKER COUNTY (6-0): There is going to be a whole lot of scratching and clawing going on in Parsons Friday night when these two members of cat family go at each other. Yes, the homestanding Mountain Lions play host to the Cougars, both of which are presently undefeated. I see it as a true-blue in your face game. One unbeaten season will come to an end, and after the dust and fur settle down, you can look at the scoreboard which will have Tucker with a 15-point win.

GREENBRIER WEST (5-1) at POCAHONTAS COUNTY (2-4): Greenbrier was playing Class AA last year and has been lowered to Class A with a great record, which will improve when it wins this game by 24 points.

PENDLETON (3-3) at VALLEY FAYETTE (5-0): Valley is highly rated, a ranking that will improve with this 21-pont win.

UNIVERSITY (6-0) at BRIDGEPORT (5-1): This will be Bridgeport's second game in a row against an undefeated team. They beat Elkins last week and will pull off the upset of the week on Friday. Bridgeport by 3 points.

LIBERTY (1-5) at NOTER DAME (3-1): Liberty really wants this game. It's a matchup between two Harrison County teams that is being played in Marion County. Liberty to take it by 7 points.

MORGANTOWN (4-1) at WHEELING PARK (4-2): Park had a big win earlier this year over Bridgeport. They would love to have one over Morgantown, but won't get it. Mohigans by 9.

WAYNE (5-0) at SCOTT (6-0): Two unbeaten Class AA teams going head-to-head. They will be playing on Scott's turf, so I am taking Scott by 17 points.

WEST VIRGINA (4-0) at TEXAS (4-0): How about that Mountaineer-Baylor game last week? It had just about everything an offensive football fan would want. But I still find it hard to believe that the final score was 70-63, and I saw every minute of the game. Some say that the Mountaineers don't stand a chance this week, but I disagree. The WVU scoring machine will be hard to beat, so I'm putting my money where my mouth is, right under my nose. I will take the Gold and Blue to bring home a 10-point win.

That just about does it for this week's picks. But don't forget your appointment next Friday.



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