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How to keep drunk driving on the wane in West Virginia

December 21, 2012
The Inter-Mountain

Drunken driving appears to be on the wane in West Virginia, to judge by fatality statistics. In 2009, 115 traffic deaths in the state were blamed on drunken driving. By last year the toll had decreased to 90.

That is still 90 too many lives lost to inebriated drivers.

Times of celebration, such as the Christmas-New Year's season, tend to involve increases in what some authorities refer to as "impaired driving." That is a realistic view of those who drink alcoholic beverages or use certain drugs before sliding behind the wheel. It also takes into account the fact that one need not be legally intoxicated to be impaired as a driver.

Area law enforcement agencies once again this year will be stepping up patrols and sobriety checkpoints to keep travelers safe from holiday revelers who simply don't care whether their drinking or drug use puts others in danger.

There are any number of ways to enjoy alcoholic beverages while not driving under the influence. Designated drivers, taxis most bar owners are happy to call for patrons, limiting one's consumption or choosing a party location where guests can stay overnight rather than drive home drunk are some options.

If none of those alternatives is available, the responsible decision is to simply refrain from consuming alcohol.

But again, some people are so immature and/or selfish that they don't allow their consciences to prevent them from having what they define as "a good time."

They should be aware that law enforcement agencies are getting better at detecting and arresting them. They also should remember additional officers will be on local streets and highways during the holiday season.

If all of that makes no impression on those who habitually drive while intoxicated, perhaps an overnight stay in a jail cell will help.



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