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Show looks for ‘monsters’

May 28, 2014
Chuck Clegg , Inter-Mountain

ST. MARYS - Growing up in West Virginia, I looked for adventure in the deep woods where sunlight filtered through green leaves to the ground below. In the green light, I saw a movement behind a tree and I convinced myself I knew what hid in the shadows of the forest. On summer nights, we sat by a crackling fire alongside the creek waiting for a fish to take our bait. Then, suddenly, a loud splash followed by a strange sound moved over the darkened water. We told ourselves it was a fish or some woodland creature hidden in the night to assure ourselves we were safe. Another time, while hunting raccoons in the dense dark woods, we waited for the dogs to pick up the scent of their prey. A tree's branch rustled over head and a heavy musk smell filled the night air; again we told ourselves we knew what waited beyond our lights in the darkness. Afraid of the deep woods or dark, no, but we sometimes wondered what hid in the deep woods of the western Appalachian Mountains. Perhaps Hamlet said it best, "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt in your philosophy."



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