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Is a souvenir store appropriate at the 9/11 memorial in New York City?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jun-02-14 12:35 PM

Democrats and liberal media like this one don't like intelligent thinking citizens. We know what they think we don't.

Right 123456789????

Operation Choke Point is just one of many tyrannical stunts that Obama/democrats are pulling. Too bad we know what they're up to and they're being voted out of office each primary election right now.

They see the writing on the wall.

We aren't going to tolerate the fools much longer....after November, we will start our Fundamental RESTORATION to undo the tyrannts' Fundamental Transformation of Idiocy and fools!!

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May-31-14 12:54 PM

I thought the left had 'compassion?' Only for themselves. It's always about them. No one is going to purchase these items. It's disgusting but then again so aren't these corrupt lefties in office today.

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May-30-14 4:55 PM

Not intelligently 'commenting' on the article or even 'reading' the article, but only slithering into this article like a real troll, parasite, or unintelligent liberal demonizing 'child' like most are....does 'nothing' to make you look smart nor even in the slightest way an adult....thanks for always proving my words TRUE! (Guess we could give you some credit for being capable of counting to at least the number 9.) Or maybe not. Someone else probably types it for you.

I guess the real 'troll' has no problem with those people who PROFIT off others....mmm..thought liberals hated corporations/wealthy people/and all that garbage. Oh's only bad if it's not "them" profitting off of others. And you all wonder why democrats are LOSING elections.

Capito is already double digits ahead of Tennant too by the way. Three polls show WV is NOT voting for democrats in November. I guess that's why trolls are getting so weepy/crying/sobbing...

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May-29-14 5:42 PM

get a life, troll

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May-21-14 12:58 PM

It figures idiots from NYC would think "profiting" off the deaths of American citizens would be alright. Our pathetic leaders in this country are dispicable and care more about enriching themselves than about 'protecting' and 'preventing' more terrorist attacks on American citizens. I will NEVER purchase one item or even 'pay' to get in to that place. It is NOT a memorial; it's a money-making scheme from the lowest level of parasites!

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